Os Frontis t-shirt collection is a product of true love and dedication. With every new design, we strive to create something truly extraordinary, without holding back, and without auto censorship. We are unleashing our creativity through uniterrupted flow of ideas, dreams, nightmares, light, darkness, not denying any aspect of life or any aspect of who we are. We are trying (and in our humble opinion - succeeding) to nurture human touch in what we do. We are deliberately creating illustrations that are not overly "clean" or "sterile". Illustrations that we print on our tees are created by human beings - for human beings. We want you to know that we are a group of dedicated individuals who truly love what we do, and who create products that we ourselves would like to wear. Since nobody else did it before us, we decided to take things into our own hands. Our stuff is weird, twisted, sick, out of joint, but that is exactly why our stuff is absolutely awesome. Because we're not trying to be normal for anybody's sake. This world may have been boring, but that, believe us, is about to change!

Os Frontis t-shirts are a new definition of alternative fashion. We are making the kind of clothing that you will love to wear, because it makes your uniqueness and weirdness shine through. Our work and our design celebrate weirdness, uniqueness, independence, personality and integrity and is meant to make you guys and girls realize not only that you should not try to fit in, you should actually be proud of the fact that you don't. Wearing our products will help you say no to being ordinary. We will help you fight conformity and self imposed mediocrity that most of the world falls victim to. So, if you consider yourself a person with true identity and integrity, if you think that you are truly your own (and we certainly hope you are), we are sure you will wear our stuff like a crown, and be proud of it. Because what we create will be an extension of your beautiful self! Cheers to all of you weirdos! We celebrate your courage to be who you are!
Os Frontis